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Customer Service

Customer Service

At ROLLOSLIDE we don’t believe in just selling the product, but we believe in forging long lasting relationships with our customers. At ROLLOSLIDE customer service and satisfaction is not just a practice it is a way of life.

At ROLLOSLIDE we strive to produce superior quality of products coupled with personalized customer service. All uPVC profiles of ROLLOSLIDE come with a 10 year warranty and 1 year warranty for hardware items used.

In case of any unexpected problem we at ROLLOSLIDE have defined customer service practices, in order to resolve the queries of all our customers in minimum possible time.

We ensure that our expert technicians attend to each complaint within a minimum time duration and resolve problems related to poor functioning or jammed locks and other operating problems, on immediate basis.

In case of any parts replacement, or alignment issues we ensure to resolve the same within 5 working days and if due to some unforeseen factors where a part is not readily available, we ensure to keep our customers updated about the expected timelines. In case of issues pertaining to glass pane breakage, our technician will note the accurate measurements and the order for glass will be placed. Delivery of the glass normally takes a minimum of 10 – 12 days.

At ROLLOSLIDE our focus is to resolve all your queries and issues with minimal hassle to our customers and at every step our customers are updated on the expected timelines.