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Installation Process

Installation Process

ROLLOSLIDE offers installation services to the clients and it is our belief that customer satisfaction is of immense importance and we ensure to be with our customers at every step throughout their experience with ROLLOSLIDE uPVC products.

All ROLLOSLIDE uPVC windows and doors are installed by well trained and experienced staff so that all gaps between the wall and window are perfectly sealed so that no dust, pollution or sound could enter your premises.

Our installation supervisor will visit the site for a thorough inspection to ascertain that the site is clear of all debris and that no masonry or civil work is left or required and the site is ready for uPVC door or window installation. The process of installation will commence as soon as the site is clear of obstructions and is conducive to hassle free installation work.

The Installation Process

Fixing windows and doors is done by 2 methods either by frame fixing method or by Lug fixing or both the methods are used in combination. Each frame of doors and windows is fixed to the structure properly along with all the adjacent frames and all possible loads such as wind load, operating load, etc. which could deflect the frames are avoided. Secondly, the fixing process is asan anti corrosive as possible.

Polyurethane foam is used wherever the precast concrete causes a difficulty in fixing specified distances. However, the polyurethane foam method of fixing should never be used solely, while fixing uPVC doors and windows.

All four sides of the uPVC doors and windows are secured properly. At the time of installation the corner fixing should maintain a distance of 150 mm to 250 mm from the external corner and in each jamb there is a minimum of 2 fixings of screws.

In case the head or top of the uPVC window is fixed with polyurethane foam, then the fixing of screws used is (i) if the width of the frame is up to 1200 mm then no fixing is required, (ii) in case the width of the frame is from 1201 mm to 2400 mm the one screw fixing is enough, and (iii) in case the width of the frame is from 2401 mm to 3600 mm the 2 fixings equally spaced are required.

Post the installation of windows, trims are used to level up or tidy up the interface between the windows and walls. The trims used are made up of superior quality material and the color specification of trims matches the colors used for the Windows Magic uPVC doors and windows.

Lastly, all the gaps and apertures are scrutinized and the gaps are caulked with silicone sealant filling is done for added strength and protection of the uPVC doors and windows. Once the sealant is applied the entire frame is then washed and cleaned of any residue of material normal detergent. Solvent based cleaners are never recommended for cleaning uPVC doors and windows.

During the entire installation process our customers can inspect every detail of the process and product.